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Welcome to The Perennial Garden Society (PGS) and home of the Southlake Garden Tour. PGS was established in 2003 bringing together a community of skilled gardeners in the Southlake, Texas area.  This limited membership club meets monthly in both members homes and at community locations, to learn and share with each other relevant gardening tips and tricks.  Formal programs are arranged monthly on topics appropriate to Metroplex gardening.  The official PGS  membership has limited membership spaces. We open our membership to gardeners in September who are committed to our goals and assistance with the biennial Southlake garden tour and other service projects.

Guests are welcome and invited if our meeting venues will accommodate. RSVP’s are encouraged and some of our special events may require a guest fee.

The Perennial Garden Society is functioning as a non-profit organization in Southlake, Texas, dedicated to educating its members on gardening topics specific to the North Texas area. The primary focus of the group is native and adapted drought tolerant perennials and grasses. Our purpose is to promote, encourage and share ideas with other gardeners regarding the implementation of native and adapted plants and perennials in the suburban Texas landscape. In addition, we run the biennial Southlake Garden Tour. Be sure to enjoy this fabulous event. 


2018-2019 PGS Officers 





Susan Schleppegrell President
Jan Murrell- Programs Vice President
Bea Wilson Secretary
Kay Wilkinson- Angeline DePauw Treasurer
Dana Ernst Membership
Jyotsna Kothare Hospitality
Annemarie Garlin Communications Coordinator
Susan Schleppegrell Webmaster
Angeline Depauw Nominating Chair

2019 Southlake Garden Tour Co-Chairs

Carol Dowd, Deb Morrison, Bea Wilson